Citizens of two worlds

On Sunday afternoon, November 9, Bishop Steve Lane presided at a regional service at Saint Mary the Virgin in Falmouth, where he received and confirmed new members of Saint Mary’s and St. Alban, Cape Elizabeth.

In his sermon he had this, in part, to say:

We live with a foot in two worlds. We live in this world where we plan and dream and go to school and to college and find a job and earn our keep and pay our bills. And we can’t pretend we don’t need to do that. Feeding ourselves and our children is a responsibility that drives most of us all of our lives. And yet, that world is not the land of our ultimate hopes or our deepest loyalty. Our hearts belong to another world where justice and peace rule and the lion and the lamb lie down together, and where we, with God, rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the ruined cities.

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