What world will we choose to live in?

Bishop Steve Lane spent the Third Sunday of Advent with the people of Trinity Church in Portland. In his sermon he had this, in part, to say:

What mattered for John was that Jesus was coming. There was a new world order just beyond the horizon, a world in which, as Mary proclaimed, the powerful are pulled from their thrones, and the lowly are raised up. And this world, the coming world, required a new standard of behavior. The normative behavior of the old world was not sufficient. What was required now was to live by the standard of the new world: to live kindly, honestly and peaceably…

John puts before us a question and a choice. The question is: What world will we live in? Whom will we follow? Will we live in the old world that is passing away? Or will we live in the world that is coming? Will we follow Caesar or Herod? Or we follow Jesus? Our choice.

Read it all here.

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