Guns and domestic violence can’t be separated

One of the more than 60 Episcopal bishops who are members of Bishops United Against Gun Violence, Bishop Lane offers this post today on the group’s website. Writing on the topic of guns and domestic violence homicides in Maine and beyond, he has this, in part, to say:

“As people of faith, those committed to protecting all of God’s children entrusted to our care, we must support the organizations that advocate for protection against domestic violence and improved mental health services. We must be vocal and visible in our support of legislation that addresses the complicated interplay between what is on the books and what is actually enforced. Our legislators, our prosecutors, and our local law enforcement officials need to hear from us.”

Read it all here.

2 thoughts on “Guns and domestic violence can’t be separated”

  1. I feel proud that our Bishop is taking a lead in the issue of Gun control and domestic violence….Glad to be an Episcopalian Peace Richard Berman

  2. Dear Bishop Lane, The statement about lack of enforcement is true! A young woman from Waldo county told me of her fear of her ex-husband, who had threatened to kill her and her 2 children. She said “He’s obsessed with me and he has a gun”. This inspite of his being a felon and her frequent communication with a state police officer who she said “knows about the gun”. She has since moved to a neighboring county with her children, but I am sure her terror has not gone anywhere, and that he still has his gun. Thank you for being active re: gun control! In peace, Gretchen Crawford
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