Holding all things in common for the renewal of God’s world

Bishop Steve Lane preached and celebrated at St. Mark’s in Augusta today with the five congregations of the southern Kennebec Valley: St. Mark’s and St. Barnabas’, Augusta; Christ Church, Gardiner; St. Matthew’s, Hallowell; and St. Andrew’s, Winthrop.

He had this, in part, to say:

We understand that our future is tied together – that unless we join together for God’s sake, we will each sink alone. But let me suggest that even when we speak of The Episcopal Church in the Kennebec Valley, we still tend to think of ourselves as members of St. Mark’s – or St. Andrew’s or St. Barnabas’ or St. Matthew’s or Christ Church. And we still often see our task as saving our churches, when our true vocation is to claim our identity in Jesus Christ and to join him bravely in the healing of the world.

Read it all here.

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