St. Peter’s, Portland, celebrates its 100th anniversary

On Saturday, October 19, the people of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Portland celebrated 100 years at their annual Harvest Home Dinner. Bishop Steve Lane was on hand to offer blessings and a homily. He said, in part:

As we celebrate 100 years of St. Peter’s today, we must also acknowledge that our assumptions about the church, about dioceses and parishes, have prevented us from recognizing the vast changes that have occurred around us and have inhibited our ability to adapt. We love the English Harvest Home festival. Most of the world hasn’t a clue, and isn’t interested.

and this

Jesus’ charge to us has not changed. The love of God is revealed in the feeding of God’s people. Those people will certainly not be English railroad workers. But they are beloved of God. They need to hear the Good News of God’s love. And we need to hear it as well.

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