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Prayers and congratulations, blessings and joy to the five members of the Diocese of Maine who will be ordained this morning at the Cathedral Church of St. Luke in Portland: to the Diaconate, Dick Rasner of St. Luke’s Cathedral; to the Transitional Diaconate, Kevin Kinsey of St. Paul’s, Fort Fairfield, and Suzanne Roberts of St. Luke’s Cathedral; to the Priesthood, Gary Cyr of St. Mark’s, Waterville, and Laura Peckham of St. Andrew’s, Newcastle.

Bishop Steve, in his ordination has, in part, this to say:

“Perhaps God is once again calling us to pluck up and destroy, to build and to plant.

“And the focus of all that work is this: that we should love one another. As Christ laid down his life for us, so we ought to lay down our lives for one another. For Christians no person is more important than any other. For Christians there are no “others,” no enemies, who may be shunned or turned away. For Christians there is no command greater than this, that we should believe in the name of Jesus Christ and love one another.

“And you, my brothers and sisters who are ordained today, are the icons and servants of that love. You are among the laborers sent out into the fields of the Lord to remind us all that God loves us. And you are to share that message and convey that love no matter how the forms of church and society shift around us. It is not ok that one in five American children lives in poverty. It is not ok that we continue to solve our disagreements by means of violent force, whether as individuals or nations. It is not ok that we tear up the earth and pollute the air and water making life more dangerous for all God’s children in the pursuit of energy or profit. It is not ok that we treat those who differ, by race or culture or sexual orientation, as anything but beloved children of God for God loves them all and commands us to do the same.”

Read all of it here.

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