Ordination Sermon by Bishop Lane

Preached today at the ordination service at the Cathedral of St. Luke in Portland Maine.

And these two offices, priest and deacon, are not related to one another in a hierarchical manner. Rather each stands as a full and equal order, each representing an aspect of the fullness of Christ. The priest is the icon of God’s presence, a sign to the gathered community that God is present among us, one who teaches and forms us from riches of the scriptures, and who offers signs of God’s continuing love and care through the sacraments and pastoral support.

The deacon is the icon of Christ’s service, one who witnesses to Christ’s love for the world by offering service to the poor and needy and who encourages and trains us for our own ministries of witness and service. And both offices are essential for the people of God to have a glimpse of the fullness of our calling: the sharing in God’s work of reconciling all creation to God in Christ.

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Congratulations and blessings of those ordained today:

To the Diaconate
Charles Moisan Carroll
Julie Ann McAlhany

To the Transitional Diaconate
Heather Jeanette Blais
Laura Lee Peckham
Jennifer Mary Reece
To the Priesthood
Regina Gilmartin Knox

2 thoughts on “Ordination Sermon by Bishop Lane”

  1. Dear Bishop Lane,
    Thank you for your clear and insightful message with regards to the roles of the ordained and all the baptized, as well as your prophetic vision of the church as needing to let go of many of its previously established institutional configurations in order to make room for God’s Spirit to guide us in perhaps, new for us, ancient ways in furthering God’s mission of reconciliation to all.

    Peace, joy and love,
    Ted Kanellakis

  2. The Ceremony of Ordination at The Cathedral was a very moving and beautiful experience especially the laying on of hands. The whole service was…to me… a renewal of my faith as well as taking part of a great tradition…Our Legacy handed down from Jesus Christ.

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