Hope burns though at St. Matthias, Richmond

Last Sunday I had the privilege of visiting St. Matthias’, Richmond. For those of you who’ve not been there, St. Matthias’ is a small, square, wood-frame church on a cul de sac in the village. Next to the church is a single room parish house built about six years ago. The campus is in a lovely setting, but a bit off the beaten track.

My visit included the consecration of the Chapel of Jesus and Mary, a new space in the church. The consecration of a church or chapel is a great occasion to affirm the baptismal ministry of the people and to celebrate the life and history of the congregation. The Chapel was dedicated in honor of the Rev. Bruce Alexander who served St. Matthias’ and Christ Church, Gardiner, some years ago. Bruce and his wife, Marjorie, and their daughters were present for the service.

Also present was the Rev. Bill Blaine-Wallace who will be serving as supply priest for some of the coming weeks. St. Matthias’ is taking part in the diocesan development program and is hoping to build toward calling a quarter time priest.

The convergence of all these streams made for a wonderful celebration of the life of St. Matthias’. Folks from several neighboring congregations joined with us and filled the church to capacity. It was a reminder of all the church has been and can be.

It was a chilly morning, but the sun burned off the fog and the bright sunshine at the reception seemed to capture all that had happened. Gretchen and I give thanks for such days.


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