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Here’s his first post.

Tuesday, June 23

God will see to the harvest

Bishop Stephen Lane spoke to the people of St. Nicholas, Scarborough on Sunday, June 14th, saying:

“You see, the key thing, the reason we’re all here, is that we’ve been called to follow God, to share in God’s mission. God is in charge. God will see to the harvest. And God doesn’t need us, at least, not in the conventional sense. God is not dependent on our planting straight rows, watering and weeding, standing ready for the harvest. God’s more like an invasive weed, finding a way in, growing in good soil and bad, seeking everyone out, even the least desirable, and inviting us to share his good news – the good news of the unstoppable reality of the kingdom of God, the good news that God loves everyone.”

Read the whole sermon here.

Fear shouldn’t compel lawmakers to do away with concealed carry permits

Bishops United Against Gun Violence, a group of more than 60 Episcopal bishops, will sponsor a prayerful procession through the streets of Salt Lake City on Sunday, June 28th, during the church’s General Convention. The gathering, called Claiming Common Ground Against Gun Violence, is intended to lift up the memory of all those who have died from gun violence and to demonstrate our conviction that life and freedom from fear must be available to all.

Bishop Lane recently shared his thoughts in the Bangor Daily News on gun violence and concealed carry permits:

“I believe Maine people, like folks in most of our country, have grown weary and afraid of gun violence. They are tired of being scared in this post-9/11 world. They are tired of working hard and not getting ahead. They are tired of hearing that others are taking advantage of a social safety net that they are supporting. They are afraid of living in a country that appears to be growing more dangerous by the day. I believe that hidden carry legislation of this kind contributes to that fear.”

Read full op-ed here.

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“It is what it is” except on Easter

easterBishop Stephen Lane celebrated Easter with the people of Good Shepherd, Rangeley, in the beautiful Western mountains of Maine. In his sermon he had this, in part, to say:

Our cry this morning is not, “It is what it is,” but “The Lord is risen!” Like Mary, our eyes are covered by the scales of our expectations, of the relentless press of life as it is. But the good news of Easter is that there’s more.

Read it all here.

No surprise ending, only love

Bishop Lane joined the people St. Barnabas’, Rumford, and their neighbors from local churches on Good Friday. In his sermon he had this, in part, to say:

There is nothing we can do that can put us beyond the reach of God’s love. There is nothing we have done or might do that can’t be rehabilitated and transformed. We kneel before the cross guilty as charged and free to try again. Bitterly as we might weep over our sins, we are invited as well to weep in thanksgiving for the love that sets us free.

Read it all here.


Trusting in our identity as God’s beloved

Follow Bishop Lane on Twitter @bishop_maine

Follow Bishop Lane on Twitter @bishop_maine

Bishop Stephen Lane visited with the people of St. Peter’s in Portland on the first Sunday of Lent. In his sermon he had this, in part, to say:

“The Good News of the story of testing is that God is with us. The time we’re in is difficult for us, but that does not mean we are alone. Far from it. God is with us ministering to us. God, you see, has promised never again to destroy his people. That’s the meaning of the Noah story, and why we read it on this day. God has made a covenant with us, a covenant renewed in every baptism. And that covenant is secure. Our relationship with God is fixed, like the rainbow. God loves us with a love greater than life itself and will not let us go, even in the midst of severe testing. We belong to God, and we can trust God come what may.”

Read it all here.

Lent is a season of essentials

A Lenten message from Bishop Stephen Lane with video and photos of Ashes to Go.